Quarterly Hotel Market Profitability Forecasts

Quarterly Hotel Market Profitability Forecasts
Quarterly Hotel Market Profitability Forecasts
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Product Description

The Hotel Market Profitability Forecasts by e-forecasting.com and HotStats are real-time quarterly profitability forecasts, covering major markets across the globe. With in‒depth coverage of key markets, the profitability forecasts present a detailed look at the current and future business activity and financial health of the hotel industry.

The e-forecasting.com Hotel Market Profitability Forecasts are built on three unique features:

Profitability Focus - Pooling from the HotStats unique database, we are able to present the first forward looking profitability forecast to the market which presents a full picture of the health of the hotel industry with a focus on TRevPAR and GOPPAR.

Comprehensive Proprietary Predictive Analytics - Our market specific, comprehensive, and proprietary predictive analytics are used as drivers and include a variety of unique indicators that are not available elsewhere, from the HIP (hotel industry pulse) and the HIL (hotel industry leading indicator), to the HCI (hotel cost index), FTLI (foreign travel leading indicator), and monthly GDP (real gross domestic product).

Long Term Forecast Horizon - To maintain a sustainable competitive advantage, decision makers need more than the average KPIs to measure performance. Hotel Market Profitability Forecasts provide 8 quarter out profitability forecasts and the deep market and economic knowledge needed to keep hoteliers, investors, and planners ahead of their competition.

Market Coverage - Profitability forecasts includes hotel markets for which HotStats unique performance data is available consisting of the most popular destinations in UK, Europe and Middle East & North Africa (MENA) region.


Annual subscription to Hotel Market Profitability Forecast is 1,500 + VAT for 4 quarterly reports or 850 + VAT for a one-off report. For corporate multi-location and multi-market subscriptions, please contact us for a reduced rate. For more information, contact us via email info@e-forecasting.com or call us at +011 (603)868-7436.

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