US Monthly GDP

US Monthly GDP
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We have developed a monthly GDP series at constant 2005 prices, at seasonally adjusted annual rates. Our monthly GDP series is statistically adjusted to conform to quarterly official BEA figures. We issue two releases per month, a flash (early) estimate and second preliminary estimate when more complete monthly data is available. An annual subscription to this report includes these two monthly reports, the full history of the series beginning in 1959 and a white paper on its development for $180. We are open to arranging short-term or one-time rates as well.

Our US monthly GDP series is well-watched and has been a hot topic in the blogosphere recently, with Larry Kudlow of CNBC's Kudlow and Company mentioning it on his Money Politic$ blog , Dr. Menzie Chinn's highly watched Econobrowser blog citing it and Conde Naste's economic blog expert Zubin Jelveh using it in his gap analysis post .